Woman tragically drowns in river when trying to dispose of mattress, body still not recovered

By Coconuts Bali 

The woman allegedly slipped and was pulled away by the strong current in Tukad Mati, Denpasar. Photo: Pixaba

Intending to throw out a mattress into a river, a woman slipped and was washed away by the river in Tukad Mati, Denpasar on Tuesday.

The body of 20-year-old Tina reportedly remains yet to be recovered. 

“Not found yet as of this evening. (Her body) is still being searched for by BPBD Denpasar and other agencies,” said Ipda Putu Ika of West Denpasar Police Criminal Unit, as quoted by Tribun Bali

A witness to the terrible incident, Hawa, 25, says she saw Tina throwing the mattress into the river. Apparently Hawa warned Tina not to go to the river then because the current was fast and strong. 

“Yes, the witness (Hawa) recalled that it was not long that she heard the sound of her drowning. When she looked, the victim had already drowned,” Ika explained. 


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