Obama’s ‘confession’ about the Aliens! (U.I.P’s Verdict)


He wasn't joking!

When I recently heard that Obama was recorded live on TV discussing about Aliens and the UFO’s in the sky I initially just sighed to myself and had NO great expectations as to what was discussed by the US President.  But what I saw (and many others saw) was a US President telling us the exact Truth about the Aliens!

The News headlines seemed to be saying that he denied knowledge and just joked about the whole subject, as is usually the case when presidents are confronted with the ‘Aliens’ questions. To be fair this was nothing new, but it was even more annoying especially considering a close aid of Obama’s, and Clinton’s Chief of Staff, John Podesta, a known UFO disclosure enthusiast, recently stated “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.”

Yes the US UFO files have been Disclosed (kind of) and can be seen HERE but what we ALL want to hear is a US President ADMIT the existence of the Extra-terrestrials!

Bryce Zabel did a superb analysis of why Podesta’s tweet was absolutely not a joke considering his history with the UFO subject. The sequence of Podesta’s and Obama’s statements was an emotional tornado of good news from Podesta (for bringing such exciting attention to the topic) and bad news from Obama (upholding the secrecy yet again). But maybe Obama’s interview wasn’t bad news. Maybe there was something more there that the mainstream interpretation wasn’t digesting! (we all know the media are puppets on a string!).

A man in the know - John Podesta!

After about a day of trying to ignore the recent footage of Obama ‘apparently’ joking about the Aliens, I couldn’t help it anymore and needed to analyse this all for myself. Straight away after Obama had responded to Jimmy Kimmel with the words “I can’t reveal anything” I punched my fist in the air and yelled out loud in complete and utter disbelief because my natural instinct had told me that he was momentarily telling the “TRUTH”

Here’s a full transcript of the conversation:

Kimmel: This is something I feel like. If I was the president, and it is unlikely that is ever going to happen…

Obama: You never know.

Kimmel: If I was the president…

Obama: It was unlikely that I was going to be president.

Kimmel: The moment I was in inaugurated – my hand would still be hot from touching the bible – I would immediately race to wherever they have the files about Area 51 and UFOs and I would go through everything to find out what happened. Did you do that?
Obama: That is why you will not be president…

Kimmel: One of the reasons.

Obama: Because that is the first thing you would do.

Kimmel: It is at the top of my list.

Obama: The aliens won’t let it happen. You will reveal all of their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.

Kimmel: Now you know there are a lot of people who are going to examine your facial expressions here, every twitch, every everything and say, of course. Did you look? Did you see? Did you explore?

Obama: I can’t reveal anything.

Kimmel: Oh really? Because President Clinton said he did go right in and he did check and there was nothing.

Obama: You know, that is what we are instructed to say. (followed by a smile that said a thousand words).

Possibly one of the most serious confessions of all time!?

Now this obviously does not mean that he absolutely was telling the truth and I am in no way trying to convince or brainwash anybody into believing anything. My reaction is purely based on the facts that are in the video below and the complete confidence in my own ability to tell when humans are telling the truth versus those lying. In this instance Obama appears to be indirectly telling the world the truth, just look at the way he states “You know, that is what we are instructed to say” most will this as sarcasm, but Obama himself will be able to say in years to come that he was the one that ‘told the truth’ about the ET’s!

Obama’s  demeanor and actions seemed extremely sincere to me, even though, tradtionally, I don’t usually trust much of what comes out of that mouth of his. It’s not in any way a personal attack on Obama as a human being because I have no idea what reasons could be behind presidents being forced to lie….His life is most likely on the line!

The most clearly obvious reason for the lies is:

Any leading authority that Admits that we are now being engaged by ETs would cause a monumental global unrest in  security, economic and religious senses all over the world! The Economy would be initially severely disrupted because of that fact that the ET technology shatters modern energy power structures  beyond belief (imagine the technology they have to be able to travel between the stars). Religion would be disrupted because, well, aliens aren’t necessarily part of the whole religious concept!? Security would possibly be at risk because the Alien tech could get into the wrong hands, meaning that anyone in the world could have something more powerful than nuclear weapons.

That is an official view. I personally tend to steer more towards people like Stephen Bassett who state, “Joseph Farrell made a key point. Maybe the secrecy is because these weapons, if they get in the wrong hands, could be dangerous. I would like to make the suggestion that they are ALREADY in the wrong hands.” Here’s a powerful yet short video below of that now famous talk by Bassett, a leading disclosure lobbyist (who we recently interviewed with our Followers) at the Secret Space Program conference.

<iframe class=’youtube-player’ type=’text/html’ width=’800′ height=’480′ src=’http://www.youtube.com/embed/rOe_Z1eP_8Q?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’></iframe>


U.I.P Summary

First and foremost I would just like to steer you guys towards the below video, which I recently watched which shows the deep analysis of the Obama interview by Syfy Channel’s Ben Hansen from “Fact or Faked”. It’s extremely well balanced and is a 100% spot on with my instinctual thoughts!

This whole intriguing episode is pretty much a game changer, and changes the course of history without changing the course of history in a direct immediate way. This is possibly the highest ever level of admission that there is something serious going on here!

The credibility that this potentially brings to the UFO/Aliens Disclosure matter is phenomenal! When (it will happen!) a much more traditional type of Disclosure occurs, where a Whitehouse press conference happens and they admit it more clearly, this interview will be looked at as that time when we were told the truth without ‘actually’ being told the truth. To be fair Obama could have flat out lied when questioned about the Aliens, just like what the Whitehouse did back in 2011, when they bluntly responded to a petition saying there is no evidence for ET, but he didn’t….This is an amazing sign for the future of Alien Disclosure!!

Please get involved and active on this incredible recent event. Us guys at U.I.P are going to speak directly to Steve Bassett to see whether it is worth putting together a new petition to the Whitehouse asking one question and one question only “Was Obama telling the Truth about the Aliens??”

Personally I would much prefer to not die without knowing whether or not our so called governments are withholding the true origins and reality of life in the universe. I would also like to get the Alien technology and information released in order to hopefully bring some peace and tranquillity to Planet Earth.  What matters more, being lied to or the Truth? I think its pretty obvious what is more important for the Human Race to progress in life….we need HELP!!!!

<iframe class=’youtube-player’ type=’text/html’ width=’800′ height=’480′ src=’http://www.youtube.com/embed/Mgb2c0mawDc?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’></iframe>



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