Starving African eat Elephant and strip it to the bone





Are they the only  people to have the right to do this?





To the poster of this video, when a white person goes hunting and skins an animal are they starving.? How do you know these people were starving did you ask them,you are crass piece of shit,I just wasted my time.
Nothing goes to waste in africa.
These people are not starving they are doing a more natural thing and not letting this beast go to waste after some European probably shot it just to take a picture with the dead carcase, it’s a shame that the first thing we think is that they are starving when they are in the richest continent on Earth…….why is that ….huhmmmm.
Love this old style of YouTube. Although the vid isn’t so old
малавото слоника на такую толпу😉
Why this music WTF😁😁😁😁😁😁
I swear, People will never cease to amaze me. Sure, Elephants are beautiful, amazing, powerful and above all legendary and majestic creatures. I also know that they are endangered. But seriously. I know that my comment is gonna piss off.. A LOT of people. But that dead elephant was a blessing for that tribe. They were starving and i’m pretty sure if they didn’t find this animal they would’ve expired eventually. I’m glad they stripped it of all the flesh. I’m glad they ate it. You wanna know why? Because they USED EVERYTHING. Now tell me, guys. Would you rather want an elephant to die for it’s tusks or would you rather want it to die a quick and clean death and to have every part of it used ( I understand that the elephant in the video was already deceased). Or even better! An old dead elephant dead and every part of it used. Im pretty sure some of you picked the last two options. People who murder elephants for their ivory is dishonorable and disgusting. But killing an elephant and or finding an elephant dead and using every single scrap of flesh is more honorable. The elephant died so that we may live and in one way or another, the elephants death wasn’t in vain….The meat helped this tribe survive to live another day. (another comment that will piss off alot of people) I just want to educate people on how it’s different to kill an elephant and leave it to rot and be wasted and to kill an elephant and then use every single part on it. It’s a case of honor and survival.
I totalty agree with you like if i die and someone was starving then i would like them to eat me becuase they can live and my body was used
I would as well. Be recycled and be used and keep the animal alive. Glad to know someone agrees with my views
More of the white man’s propaganda. The white man is the most savage ungodly beast on the planet and he is always trying to portray others as history has proven his to be. France is suppose to be this sophisticate country but if not for the money that west african countries give to france they would starve to death. All of Europe depends on africa for food.
Please, please… people. Stop talking gibberish about African people. Do you see any skin and bone person there in the crowed…smart you…? Just because they are eating some thing that you don’t, does it mean they are starving rude and square minded you..? It’s their elephant. If they would like to eat it, so be it. LET THEM BE…!
I feel that the music of this video speaks of more than just animal cruelty. It is about the pressures of the class struggles of bourgeoisie society. It speaks of western-bound thinking and the habits of normality in our class structures. We impose our beliefs on the anthropology of foreign culture, and in the same sense we impose structures on our selves. TOTO ask where are the drums to our soul and spirit. The video shows us a picture of a boy with blood on his shirt. “Hurry boy, it’s waiting there for you”. The spirit calls to the boy, just as it calls to TOTO. The spirit of Africa has been invoked in the heart of America and the culture industry.
one elephant can feed an entire tribe.


Hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.
Fuckin’ animals .. Or no , animals are innocent , they’re fuckin’ cunts who’re not worth living
+Dhia Ben Chalbi / that elephant was nothing but dead, so how innocent are you just look at those shoes your wearing if there leather then you full of shit.
+meme hinds . That elephant was nothing but dead , so you were with them to tell us he was “nothing but dead” ? How would you know ? I usually avoid argues with retards of your kind.
Poor elephant but what’s song ?
I was reading some of these comments and its sad how many of you found it to be funny in some sort of way smdh





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