Four years after the disaster of Fukushima-Daichii a brand-new energy drink conquers the Japanese beverage market and quickly becomes a cult product in all age groups: Fukushima Water. With a perfidious marketing strategy, the drink advertises itself as “energy water” – a natural mineral water with an artificial additive. Just a bad advertising stunt of a Japanese beverage company or the most absurd product in the world?

FUKUSHIMA WATER contains multiple dangerous radioactive elements such as Cesium 137, Cesium 134, Strontium or Tritium. These elements are highly dangerous for everyone. The effects for the human body can be diseases like cancer or thyroid dysfunctions.

A high energy drink sourced straight from the Fukushima site. It sounds absurd and it is. But for the three Berlin art directors behind a new digital campaign this fictitious drink also raises an important issue: Four years on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, contaminated water – being used to cool the plant – is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean.

Additionally to the water which is needed for cooling the power plant tons of groundwater are running into the atomic ruine with no end in sight. One part of this water runs into the pacific ocean, the other part of the highly contaminated water is stored in thounsands of tanks. Each year there are multiple leaks in the tanks which are not reported about.


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