Hiker in Israel finds 2,000-year-old Roman coin – NY Daily News

The coin is the second of its kind known to exist.

A hiker in Israel made a historic find while visiting the countryside — a nearly 2,000-year-old gold coin dating to the Roman Empire, the second of its kind known to exist.

The coin, which dates to 107 A.D., bears the image of Emperor Augustus and was minted by Emperor Trajan as a tribute to the former ruler.

Laurie Rimon found the coin while hiking with friends in eastern Galilee.

“We sat down for break in one of the ruins, and when we got up to leave, I was looking down on the ground [to avoid] tripping over anything, and I see something shiny on the grass, maybe a coin of sorts,” Rimon said, according to a release by the Israel Antiquities Authority.


Laurie, you’re a millionaire,” they told her.

The group contacted a tour guide, and Rimon later decided to turn over the coin to the authority. She will be awarded a certificate for her good deed.

Danny Syon, a senior numismaticst at the Israel Antiquities Authority, said that the coin is “rare on a global level.”


The rare coin could reflect the presence of the Roman army in the area, Donald T. Ariel, head curator of the authority’s coin department, said in a statement.

“Historical sources describing the period note that some Roman soldiers were paid a high salary of three gold coins, the equivalent of 75 silver coins, each payday,” Ariel said. “Because of their high monetary value soldiers were unable to purchase goods in the market with gold coins, as the merchants could not provide change for them.”

Augustus ruled Rome between 27 B.C. and 14 A.D.

Source: Hiker in Israel finds 2,000-year-old Roman coin – NY Daily News

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