Beach to Boudoir set of 3 pcs Bikini – 50 % discount – Buy Now!!

Beach to Boudoir is a luxury fashion label offering everything that one needs for that perfect holiday wardrobe . Beautiful 50’s inspired beachwear, casual yet stylish daywear and luxurious silky evening wear that will take you through to that sunset party ,including sensuous sleepwear designed with soft cooling fabrics for luxurious comfort. Made in Bali design in London Taking the ethical approach to manufacturing, Beach to Boudoir © also support vulnerable communities in Bali by giving training & opportunities to small manufacturers. Being hands on they work closely with their producer’s, building skills experience and ensuring the high standards in manufacturing are met. “We think it is important to know who is making our clothes”. This socially conscious lifestyle brand is dedicated to empowering local communities “We see that fashion and good design is a route to breaking the cycle of disempowerment of poor communities in Bali” resort-wear “from dawn until dusk” Making your holiday a memorable one. Facebook: Beach to Boudoir Twitter: @Beach2Boudoir Instagram: Beach to Boudoir fashion Youtube: Beach to Boudoir Fashion show Swimsuit 50’s style RETAIL PRICE: USD 189.00 T

Source: Beach to Boudoir set of 3 pcs Bikini – 50 % discount – Buy Now!!


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