Anthony Hopkins – Amazing composer


the Waltz Goes On is a studio album by Dutch violinist André Rieu which features Christchurch soprano Hayley Westenra on the last track, “Dreaming of New Zealand“.

The album was released worldwide on 31 October 2011. It presents waltzes from around the world, including a “Valse Triste” (sad waltz) from Finland, a miniature waltz “La petite Valse” from France, a popular waltz tune that began life in Germany.

The album is centered on a waltz composed by Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins. The waltz, called “And the Waltz Goes On” was composed by Hopkins in 1964.A fan of the Dutch violinist, Hopkins’s wife[4] sent his waltz to Rieu for consideration.


Inspired by New Zealand’s stunning landscape and the ‘life must go on’ attitude of its people in the face of the recent natural disasters, André composed a dreamy waltz together with his first violinist Frank Steijns entitled “Dreaming of New Zealand”. The album includes both an instrumental version and one with English and Māori lyrics.

The album reached number one on the official UK Classical Charts, as well as the Classic FM chart, after its release in the UK.

On 2 October, The album got the honor of “Classic FM Album Of The Year in association with MasterCard” from Classic Brit Awards 2012.

Track listing

  1. Wiener Festwalzer/Grande Valse Viennoise
  2. Wien wird bei Nacht erst schön
  3. And the Waltz Goes On
  4. Susie/Susie (If you knew Susie)
  5. Dreaming of New Zealand
  6. Wien bleibt Wien/Vienna Forever
  7. Ich muß wieder einmal in Grinzing sein
  8. Tanze mit mir in den Morgen
  9. La petite Valse
  10. Bist du einsam heut’ Nacht/Are you lonesome tonight
  11. Du kannst nicht treu sein/You can’t be true, dear
  12. Valse Triste
  13. Blue Tango
  14. Singing in the rain
  15. We’ll meet again
  16. Waltz Medley
  17. Swan Lake (Moderato)
  18. Edelweiß
  19. The Phantom of the Opera
  20. Dreaming of New Zealand (feat. Hayley Westenra)

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